Your Future Matters. Fight For It.

Josh A. Lee Named a 2022 Elite Lawyer

Everything Is At Stake

Because criminal charges are often serious, they can carry severe consequences. Jail time, heavy fines and a permanent record may all be in your future. It is not just you facing these penalties. Your family and loved ones will also be impacted.

Luckily, you have an advocate. You do not have to face charges alone.

You Deserve A Tough Defense

I have been practicing law for over a decade. Throughout law school, I was an intern for the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office. During this time, I also received a limited attorney’s license and was able to try felony cases before even passing the bar. I am an extremely experienced criminal defense attorney. To learn more about my background, click the link below:

At my firm, Josh Lee & Associates, you receive the benefit of that experience. No matter your situation, I will work hard to ensure that you get the best outcome possible. I offer representation in all areas of criminal defense, and I have particular experience in the following:

  • DUI defense. Driving under the influence is a charge that can have a lifelong impact. You need the best representation available. I have been recognized by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC, and the American Association of Attorneys for my DUI defense work.
  • Drug offenses. A drug conviction can lead to issues finding work and housing.
  • White-collar crime. This encompasses financial crimes such as embezzling and money laundering. Financial crimes can have strict penalties, including heavy fines.
  • Violent crime. Assault and battery, domestic violence, homicide and other violent crimes can lead to long prison sentences.
  • Post-conviction matters such as probation, parole and expungements. Your consequences are not over once you have served your sentence. I am able to help you navigate the probation and parole systems and may even be able to help you get a fresh start through an expungement.

No matter your charges, I am confident in my ability to help.

An Attorney Can Make The Difference

When you are facing criminal charges, it can feel like the world is against you. Law enforcement as well as the prosecution team are both looking for ways to trip you up and get a conviction. Having a skilled, seasoned defense lawyer on your team can make the difference between jail and freedom. Call my Oklahoma City office today to set up an initial meeting and learn what I can do for you. My number is 405-759-5464.