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Financial Crime Still Has Serious Consequences

White collar crime often refers to financial crime. Though these may seem less serious than more violent crimes, the penalties can be severe: fines and jail time, as well as a permanent record that could make finding future employment difficult. There is an alternative; a skilled lawyer may be able to help you by getting your charges reduced or even dismissed.

The Many Types Of White Collar Crime

Our founding attorney at Josh Lee & Associates is committed to getting you the favorable outcome you deserve. He has dedicated his career to criminal defense, and at our firm, you will receive the benefit of that experience and his full attention. He has helped clients with white collar crime issues like:

  • Tax evasion. This can be an incredibly easy crime to commit without even realizing it. You are responsible for paying the full, correct amount in taxes. If you underpay, you may be investigated for tax evasion.
  • Embezzlement. Taking money from a person or organization over which you have authority is embezzlement. You can receive not only jail time, but the duty of restitution if you are convicted of this offense.
  • Money laundering. This is the act of taking illegally obtained money and mixing it with legally obtained money. It can sometimes go along with drug offenses.
  • Fraud. Many types of white collar crimes are considered fraud, which means that you knowingly deceived someone out of money. This can include securities fraud.

Other types of white collar crime include extortion, computer crimes and conspiracy. Whether you are being investigated for a simple charge or a more complex, multi-layered one, our attorneys can take on your case and give it their full attention and experience.

A Professional Can Help

Our lawyers have defended countless clients against criminal charges, including white collar crimes. We can help you. To learn what we can do for you, call our Oklahoma City office at 405-266-0294 and schedule an initial meeting.