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Oklahoma Sexual Assault Attorney

Last updated on June 17, 2024

Facing sexual assault charges can have a detrimental effect on your current and future life and opportunities.

For more than 20 years, Josh Lee & Associates has aggressively defended the rights and innocence of clients in Oklahoma City and across Oklahoma, including those accused of sexual assault. Our lead attorney, Josh Lee, believes in fighting for your future, not settling every case through a plea deal.

Charges And Elements Of A Sexual Assault Case

In Oklahoma, there are various charges for sexual assault, including:

  • First-degree rape
  • Second-degree or statutory rape
  • Rape by instrumentation
  • Indecent proposal to persons under 16 years of age
  • Sexual battery

Elements that must be proven in a sexual assault case include:

  • Occurrence of the act or attempt
  • Identification of the perpetrator
  • Lack of consent
  • Intent to commit the act
  • Age difference (for statutory rape)

Josh Lee & Associates can effectively challenge the prosecution’s case, seeking the most favorable outcome for you.

Consequences Of A Sexual Assault Conviction

Depending on the charge, the sentences may include the following:

  • Life in prison or death for first-degree rape
  • Imprisonment
  • Registration as a sexual offender
  • Probation or parole
  • Fines and restitution

Facing these severe consequences, it is important to have a skilled attorney like Josh Lee to defend your rights.

Interacting With Law Enforcement

If you are contacted by law enforcement, it is important to avoid speaking to them about the charges without legal representation. This is to avoid inadvertently incriminating yourself or providing information that could be used against you in court.

Interaction With The Alleged Victim

Any interaction with the alleged victim should be avoided, as it can potentially be construed as intimidation or harassment. This can further complicate your case and lead to additional charges.

What Does A Defense Strategy Look Like?

A sexual assault defense strategy should be aimed at:

  • Challenging the accuser’s credibility
  • Presenting alibi evidence
  • Highlighting inconsistencies
  • Questioning forensic evidence
  • Demonstrating a lack of intent or consent
  • Investigating false accusation motives

Each element is meticulously crafted by Josh Lee & Associates to help secure a favorable outcome for your case.

Protecting Your Reputation

It is incredibly important to protect your reputation during this time. Do not discuss the allegations on social media, with your friends or in response to questions from the media. Silence is always the better option.

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