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You Can Have A Fresh Start

If you have been convicted of a crime, you probably assume that your record will maintain that conviction for the rest of your life. In most cases, this is true. In certain cases, however, you may be able to have your record expunged. This means that you would have no record of your conviction.

This can be life-changing if you have a serious conviction on your record. At my law firm, Josh Lee & Associates I can help you get your record expunged.

Get The Relief You Deserve

I have dedicated my practice to criminal defense. Expungement is a critical part of that process. You deserve a fresh start, and although a criminal record would still be accessible to law enforcement, it would not show up in your background check. Furthermore, you would not have to disclose it on a job or rental application. An expungement can be an incredible aid in getting back on your feet.

From DUI charge expungement to felony expungement, you can get most types of charges expunged. If you decide to pursue expungement, you should be aware that while it entails mainly paperwork, it would be to your advantage to retain an attorney. There are multiple deadlines to keep and forms to fill out. As an experienced expungement lawyer, I can help you with this easily.

Make The Right Choice For Yourself

A criminal record does not have to be the end. You can have a fresh start with an expungement. To discuss your case with me and take the first step to expunge your criminal record, call me at 405-759-5464. My office is conveniently located in Oklahoma City. You may also reach out through my online contact form, and I will respond as soon as possible.