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Internet crimes the police will arrest for in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2024 | Criminal Defense

As reliance on digital technology increases, so does the prevalence of internet crimes. In Oklahoma, law enforcement agencies are actively involved in identifying and prosecuting a wide range of internet-related offenses. Understanding the types of internet crimes that can lead to arrest can help you stay informed and vigilant. 

Identity theft

Identity theft involves using someone else’s personal information, such as Social Security numbers or credit card details, without permission. In Oklahoma, authorities can file serious charges for this white collar crime, especially if you use the stolen information for financial gain.


Cyberstalking is another serious offense. It includes using the internet to harass, threaten, or intimidate someone. This can involve sending repeated, unwanted messages, making threats, or sharing private information without consent. Oklahoma law treats cyberstalking as a significant crime. This leads to possible arrest and prosecution.

Online fraud

Online fraud encompasses a wide range of deceptive practices, such as phishing scams, online auction fraud, and credit card fraud. These activities aim to trick individuals into providing sensitive information or money. Oklahoma law enforcement pursues individuals involved in these fraudulent schemes.

Child exploitation

Child exploitation via the Internet is a severe crime. This includes distributing, possessing, or producing child pornography, as well as engaging in online communication with minors for inappropriate purposes. Oklahoma police rank these cases, resulting in swift arrests and harsh penalties.

Unauthorized access to computers

Hacking, or unauthorized access to computer systems, is illegal. This includes breaking into networks or stealing data. Such activities can lead to significant legal consequences, including arrest and prosecution.

Understanding the impact of Internet crimes

Internet crimes carry severe penalties in Oklahoma. Staying informed about these offenses helps individuals recognize the legal boundaries of online activities. Law enforcement takes these crimes seriously, and being aware of the potential consequences can prevent involvement in illegal online behavior.