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Watch out for the signs a dog may bite

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2024 | Personal Injury

Besides the emotional trauma they induce, dog bites create unsightly scars and sometimes lead to dangerous infections.

Understanding a dog’s body language informs individuals of when an attack could be imminent. Recognizing the signals that a hound is ready to pounce offers an opportunity to neutralize the situation and avoid trouble.

Raising hackles

One sign of a defensive dog is when the fur along the back of the neck and spine goes up. Additionally, if a mutt’s body becomes stiff, including the ears, it strongly indicates that the animal feels threatened, and there is a higher likelihood of hostile behavior.


Hounds tend to snarl loudly before they bite. Threatening sounds are one way a dog expresses discomfort or unease. People should take these signals seriously and give space to avoid escalating the encounter.

Baring teeth

When teeth are visible, that pup might be expressing willingness to bite. Anyone in the vicinity should retreat calmly and avoid any sudden movements.

Direct staring

Dogs maintaining intense stares are sometimes sending a warning signal. Remember that direct eye contact can be antagonistic as well as friendly. Maintain distance in such instances.

Attempting avoidance

Contrary to popular belief, not all dangerous breeds display overt aggression. Some will try to avoid a situation altogether. If a four-legged friend turns away, it may desire space. This is a lesson that kids, in particular, must learn. Half of dog bite incidents involving children are due to avoidable provocations.

Everyone should learn the signs that a canine may be ready to rush forward with the intent to cause harm. This goes double for their owners, who must do everything possible to keep pets in check.